Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Hummingbirds and Kingfishers

Our Teacher are: Mrs S Abel, Mrs N Foster and Miss Hussain

Classroom Assistants are: Mrs L Crowther, Mrs K Qureshi and Mrs E Aveyard

In Year 1, our lessons incorporate a combination of whole class teaching, small group work and individual work. In our classrooms we have provision for Role Play, Writing, Reading, Creative work, Construction and Maths. In each area there are activities for the children to complete, to consolidate prior learning. These become more structured as the year progresses.

The rationale behind this approach is to empower children to develop the skills they need to become independent life long learners. The Learning Environment contributes to children’s learning and it helps to develop enquiry skills and independent, critical thinking.

Interactive displays, high frequency words, technical and ambitious vocabulary, text features, book corners and easily accessible resources all contribute towards pupil progress.


Each classroom has a topic display board. This shows the learning journey a class is taking and it includes pictures and examples of work. The display should include; what the children’s perceptions and understanding were at the beginning of the topic, what key questions the children wanted to find out and the tasks
they were involved in to answer these questions.

Homework will be linked to the learning in class and will be used to consolidate skills as well as develop enquiring minds. This will be sent home on Friday. We ask that parents and carers read to the children regularly throughout the year. This is in addition to listening to the children reading and, as with home reading, it includes talking about the story, predicting what will happen next, talking about the pictures and characters etc. Children should be listening to stories every day and should be reading to you at least 3 times a week, but more regularly if possible. We believe that developing reading skills and the understanding of text is fundamental in a child’s learning and that this is an area where parental support is vital.

Reading: Bring your book to school every day. Please read 3 times a week.

2018 – 2019

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Trips, events and visitors:

At Savile Park Primary we enrich the curriculum for our children by offering a range of educational visits and other activities that add to and complement what they learn in school. There are also a number of people who visit the school to support our work. Some visits relate directly to areas of learning for individual classes, whilst others relate to all our children.

Harlow Carr

Year 1 were lucky to have a sunny day for their trip to Harlow Carr. The children enjoyed finding the items on their ‘Scavenger Hunt’ sheets which were spread around the gardens. They saw lots of different shapes and colours of flowers and plants. Some plants had massive leaves, some had tiny flowers and some needed canes to hold them up. The children could name poppies, buttercups, iris and roses. We saw plants which were used for weaving structures and plants which people can eat. On the way to the gardens we were able to look at some trees by the roadside when we stopped at the traffic lights. Most trees had lost their flowers , but seeds were growing in their place. We even saw some baby conkers. Of course, the children’s favourite part of the day was on the spectacular adventure playground!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our year 1 children had a fabulous day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their topic. The children have been studying the life and habitats of animals.

Hebden Bridge

Kingfishers and Hummingbirds had a train ride to Hebden Bridge. When we arrived, we had a quick play in the park, then the children followed a trail around the town, looking for objects and landmarks, like a canal lock. They decided that some things were the same as in Halifax, and some things were different. The class went to Hebden Bridge town hall for lunch where they had their own special room to eat in. After lunch the children were allowed to sit in the council chamber where they met the mayor of Hebden Bridge council. The mayor told them all about her job. Unfortunately, at lunchtime, it started to rain so the children walked back to the train station where they did some drawings of the platforms and the old signs. The children enjoyed their day and the passengers on the train complimented them on their behaviour.

Piece Hall

On February 4th Kingfishers went to the Piece Hall to find out how cloth was made 200 years ago in the Halifax area. The children went on a hunt around the Piece Hall looking for clues, then they took part in a workshop which included cleaning, carding, spinning, weaving and fulling using sheep’s wool. At the end of the day they all got a piece of their weaving to bring home. They all learned lots of new information and enjoyed the practical activities.

Helena Glancey from Phunky Foods came to talk to the children about eating a healthy breakfast. She showed some cereal boxes and the children helped to put them in order according to how much sugar they had in. Krave was the cereal with the most sugar in, then Coco Pops and Frosties. The healthy cereals, with only a little bit of sugar in, were Rice Krispies, Weetabix and, best of all, porridge. Some of the children helped to make a smoothie using apple juice, yogurt and banana then everyone tried some. Lastly, some different children helped to make some porridge. They tried it with honey in. Although some of the children didn’t really like the new foods, they all had a taste. They all remembered that sugary cereals and foods like biscuits are not a good way to start the day and that their bodies need a good breakfast to keep them healthy.

In Literacy we looked at the poem ‘Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine’. We practised reading the poem in different ways and then thought about how we could perform the poem to an audience. Here is our performance.

Click to see video – Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine

A visit from Phunky Foods took place to share different fruits.

Working hard on our numbers

As part of their topic on trees and seasons both classes visited Manor Heath Park.

Hummingbirds and Kingfishers had a fantastic experience learning about birds of prey. The children had the chance to hold the beautiful creatures. They also watched the birds fly to different parts of the hall.

In Year 1 we have been looking at Percy the Park Keeper books and the story ‘After the storm’. Percy came in to see us. In the story a huge tree falls down and Percy helps make a tree house for the animals to live in. We asked Percy questions about the storm, the animals and what he does as a Park Keeper. We enjoyed meeting him and we will look out for his hut next time we go to the park! 

When the wind blows video by Kingfishers class