Late Larks After School Club

With ever changing work and unexpected demands Savile Park Primary School now has wrap around child care. Late Larks takes place Monday to Friday 3.15pm until 5.45pm, in the school hall at Heath and is now an essential element of the service that we provide. We also provide a healthy snack for the children to enjoy all this for only £8.00 per session reduced for additional family members.

The club is run by our amazing school staff, led by Mr Shaw. You can feel confident that your children will enjoy a wide range of fun activities in a safe and secure environment, supported by Mr Shaw and his team of experienced staff.

The staff enjoy spending time with the children and believe that every child is unique, their welfare and development is our priority.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment and choose their own activities in a supervised setting with clear boundaries. 

Through a mix of child-led, guided and adult-led activities, they benefit from a comprehensive programme that provides many opportunities for interaction.

Children learn so much more through active participation and most importantly, they gain so much more enjoyment from this type of learning.