Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Toucans and Parrots

Our Teachers are: Miss K Bell and Miss L Komarynskyj

Classroom Assistant is: Mrs S Bibi and Mrs J Sunderland
Support Assistant are: Mrs S Barlow, Mrs S Hussain and Mrs M Yaqub


Year 3 is a transitional year in the Lower Key Stage 2 phase at Savile Park. In Year 3 the children are encouraged to take appropriate risks, as they continue their exciting learning journey into the juniors.

Learning is based around a creative curriculum where personalised child-led activities are central to our vision. The children are encouraged and supported to develop their own questions and enquiries, as well as finding the answers to these through collaborative learning challenges across the curriculum. Furthermore, each child is given the opportunity to ‘Review and Reflect’ on their learning journey so far, utilising what they have learnt in different contexts – in order to gain a deeper understanding and a real purpose for learning.

Each classroom is stimulating, encouraging and vibrant; from interactive displays to working walls, all classrooms are organised so that children can learn in a variety of ways and celebrate success. Each learning environment has five areas of provision that support and develop the children’s skills and knowledge across the curriculum. Our flexible timetable allows for a balance between supported group work, collaborative learning and independent discovery time.

In Year 3 we promote learning essentials that encourage independent, inquisitive and reflexive learners. Where collaborative discoveries are key to our vision and the children are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning journeys.

Homework: Homework is given out on Fridays and is due back in the following Friday.
PE: will be on Monday and Thursday.

Reading: Please ensure that your child reads 3 times a week at home. They will also read with adults in school during our guided reading sessions.
Spellings: Spellings will be sent home every Friday in the form of a spelling booklet. The booklet needs to be kept in your child’s book bag as it is also needed in school throughout the week.



Clarice Cliff Art

As artists and designers we have  used our knowledge of colour and looking at how colour has been used by some of the greatest artists over the years.


Passover – (Pesach in Hebrew) is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish year.


As part of their Egyptian homework.

As Geographers and Historians we will: be looking at where Ancient Egypt is in the world and researching the River Nile. We will compare and contrast our lives and living conditions to what is what like then. We will also be re-enacting some of the famous discoveries from Ancient Egypt.


As artists and designers we are using different sketching pencils to create some detailed drawings. We are also using clay and etching in the Eye of Horus to make small bowls. Plus we will also be creating some fantastic hieroglyphic paintings.

Madge the Mermaid by Stephen Pass

We wrote an adventure for Madge and Alan.




As part of their Fairtrade topic.

Packaging Design as part of our Fair Trade topic


As artists and designers we looked at different moving mechanisms such as gears, levers and pulleys. We used these to then design a moving robot. We also designed our own robot to use in school to carry out a daily task.




As artists and designers we have been using different materials to create an artistic sense of explosion, linking to our topic of volcanoes. 

Parrots – In Parrots class we have been creating some oil pastel drawings of our class birds.

Poems – Come and read our fantastic poems based on ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger Mcgough!

Rocks – we are continuing our learning around rocks and geology moving onto the destructive and constructive forces of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Stone Age – we have been studying the Stone Age and now we will be looking in to the Bronze and Iron ages.


Toucans – as part of learning about our class name we have completed lots of work.