Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan



By the time the children leave Savile Park, they will have become highly motivated and engaged learners.  They will be independent and resourceful in their learning, with twenty first century skills to learn lifelong.

Technology will be an empowering aspect of their learning and lives, in and out of school.

These approaches will be delivered through a creative curriculum which is relevant to themselves, to other children, to the rest of the world and to the requirements of all the Programmes of Study.

Pupils exercising their creativity across the curriculum through opportunities to publish, present and perform to a wide range of audiences and for a wide range of challenging purposes, have the opportunity to make podcasts and films.

Computing at Savile Park covers a wide range of disciplines from basic word processing to creating simple computer games and apps. The children have access to a large array of hard and software including laptops, ipads Nintendo DS and Beebots.


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KS1 Computing

KS2 Computing