Schools Linking Programme

This year, Kiwis class (Year 4) and Falcons class (Year 5) have an exciting opportunity to join the ‘Schools Linking Programme’. This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to explore their self-worth and meet pupils from another Year 4 and Year 5 class in Calderdale, that they otherwise may not encounter. The series of lessons promote community, explores identity, celebrates diversity, champions equality and connects pupils both virtually and in person. Miss Makh, Miss Lucas and their classes are really looking forward to this opportunity.

The Schools Linking Programme describe their impact as:

‘A key driver of stereotyping, misunderstanding, fear and prejudice is lack of contact with people different to ourselves. 

The Linking Network offers children the opportunity to share the experience and knowledge of people they may at first feel are not like them in order to unlock ‘confidence in contact’. 

To reduce prejudice and challenge stereotypes, simply bringing people together is not enough. Certain conditions are required:

  • Care is taken to ensure people meet as equals
  • Support is needed from the institution and its authorities
  • Activities foster cooperation and a common goal
  • Experiences are meaningful, personal, positive and fun’

The Schools Linking Programme creates opportunities for self-reflection, empathy, critical thinking and a sense of confidence in engaging with others.

The Schools Linking Programme is backed by the DFE, DLUHC, Pears Foundation and The Dulverton Trust. They describe their impact in this video –