Exciting and practical

A strong emphasis is placed in developing children’s personal and social skills and promoting safety. This is done through aspects of topic work, visiting speakers, circle time in class and assemblies. In circle time we encourage children to listen to each other and respect each others point of view. We use the Jigsaw Scheme of Work to deliver our PSHE curriculum. The units throughout the year are being me in my world, celebrating difference, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships and changing me.

We teach a range of topics, smoking, legal and illegal substances and sex education through a structured programme and in specific year groups.

PSHE Themes include:

Setting goals, managing feelings, human rights, healthy lifestyles, different cultures and countries, relationships, celebrations, living in the wider world, environment, money matters and keeping safe.

Savile Park has a very active school council, house captains, play leaders and parents and teachers who play an important role in the school.

Early Years Foundation Stage

In PSHE at Savile Park we focus on the wellbeing of the children – they spend time learning about who they are, where they fit in and feeling good about themselves. We also spend time developing respect for others, making friends and social skills. The children learn about how to manage their feelings and behavior and learn about each other’s families.

Key Stage One

PSHE covers topics such as basic skills for staying healthy and safe and for behaving well. Children are given opportunities to show they can take some responsibility for themselves and their environment. They begin to learn about their own and other people’s feelings and become aware of the views, needs and rights of others.

Key Stage Two

During Key Stage 2 PSHE, pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas, and as members of wider communities. They learn about the world and the communities within it.