Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

School Council

At Savile Park Primary School, our School Council is made up of elected members who give the school its ‘pupil voice’. Members are a highly valued group of children who represent the voice and opinions of all the children within our school. Through our school council we aim to develop young leadership skills, whilst supporting student democracy. Most importantly, our strong team of councillors aim to promote the well-being of the children within our inclusive school.

Elections are currently taking place.

In 2020-2021 these children are:

Y2H – Poppy and Luther
Y2M – Inaaya and Ashton
Y3H – Dylenne and Rahyan
Y3M- Olivia and Sophia
Y4H – Hanna and Mia
Y4M – Freya and Chloe
Y5H – Eesa and Billy
Y5M – Maira and Amaya 
Y6H – Ella and Roma
Y6M – Farhaan and Muskan 

The School Council is brilliant opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. The School Council benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made.

We have an active School Council with a representative from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. Each member was elected by their classmates at the beginning of the school year, after a short presentation explaining why they should be elected. The School Council then follows the principles of a democratic society to make decisions.

Even though this year is slightly different as we are all in separate bubbles, our School Council will still be meeting and working together. We will be using Purple Mash to communicate on the School Council’s blog and also via video calls whilst at school. Members of the council meet monthly, taking part in school projects, discussing pupil well-being, organising fund raising events, discussing issues related to the curriculum and taking suggestions from their classmates.

Successes include:
– Working to develop a more accessible playground.
– Working with Eden Foods to review the school meals and extend them to include a salad bar.
– Selecting the Charity of the Year
– Shortlisting of possible new School Logos which have been passed to the Governors for consultation.