Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

‘Nurturing a love for learning, life and one another.’


“Inclusive, friendly, approachable, dedicated staff.”“It’s more like a family atmosphere, where I feel very comfortable indeed.”

“It provides quality education for all their children. All aspects of the curriculum are taught to a good level. If there are any concerns the school informs parents straight away and issues are dealt with immediately.”

“My child loves going and loves all the teachers. The breakfast club is fantastic, flexible and affordable.”

“The teachers are all lovely – warm, friendly, approachable and helpful. They listen and give time for your concerns.”

“It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for children as well as adults. I know my child will stay safe and will enjoy every moment in school.”

“The school is diverse and celebrates that diversity.”

“It’s so family orientated, close knit and everybody works together to ensure our children are learning whilst at the same time playing and having fun.”

“It’s very vibrant. Great teachers and well organised school.”

“All the teachers give 100% to the school and are very committed.”