Celebrating our Play Leaders

Aims of Play Leaders

At Savile Park Primary School, we encourage children to develop as individuals. One of the ways we try to encourage this is a ‘Play Leading Scheme’. This promotes children’s well-being, social skills and team work. It also encourages the older children to organise games for the younger children, it promotes the children’s organisation, communication and responsibility skills and most importantly they all have fun! They meet on a regular basis with Mr Smith to discuss new games and play equipment and answer any questions that the children want to ask.

We also have a lunchtime provision. Classes take turns to access a 3 week programme of exciting activities to enhance their learning experience. This includes activities such as gardening, arts and crafts, Lego building, sports, music and learning about the environment.

The school council have worked very hard to ensure every child had their own input and a whole school questionnaire found that this was something the children were very excited about.