Our School Values

We believe that every child should have the best possible start to their education and should be given a wide range of opportunities and the skills to fulfil their potential. Our school is committed to providing a challenging and stimulating environment where the success of all is important. We believe that the safe and supportive environment provided by our school allows children to develop at their own pace, whilst growing in confidence and ability. Our school allows children to be understood as individuals with individual needs.

What makes us special:

This is a remarkable school where pupils make good progress. 

Teachers, across a range of subjects, ask pupils questions that promote deepening thinking. Teachers check pupils’ understanding. They assess pupils during lessons and between lessons to identify what pupils can do to improve. They encourage pupils to check their own work and to make improvements.

The school works to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Leaders fully promote the school’s values of ‘a love for learning, a love for life, a love for one another’. A positive environment has been created where pupils from a range of different backgrounds get on well together.

The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils conduct themselves well in lessons. They are diligent, follow instructions and complete their tasks. Pupils are polite, well mannered and they learn to be considerate of each other.

Staff tell of being proud to belong to the school and contribute exceptionally well to its highly inclusive nature. Parents share this view and are highly complementary about the school.

Teaching assistants are encouraged to develop their skills and the school makes resources available to them.

Newly qualified teachers are well supported. They contribute well to the outstanding achievements of the pupils and speak highly of their colleagues and the support they receive from them.

The governing body is impressive. It knows the school extremely well and rigorously interrogates the school’s plans and subsequent actions. Its members keep up to date with wider educational issues through training and periodically reviewing each member’s skills and experience. All with the intent of providing the highest quality education for the pupils.