Learning outside the classroom

Exciting and practical

Our well-developed playgrounds with a variety of habitats for wildlife is a crucial part of our curriculum.

All children have the space to embark on growing projects whether they be in the Reception or Year Six and this is continued in our thriving growing boxes.

The children have sessions in the outdoor area which is widely used for telling stories and acting out plays.

We also make full use of our local area; examples of this can be found in classes who use Savile Park Moor and Manor Heath Park to learn about their environment – exploring trees, hunting for animal tracks, survival lessons, our local history and geography is a great part of our curriculum. Our local community is visited including places of worship and in Year Five children explore our local historical places of interest including Piece Hall and Square Chapel.

All classes are encouraged to make a variety of visits throughout the year, including The Natural History and Science Museums, Eureka, Media museum to name but a few. All children also have the opportunity to visit the theatre every year.

As well as visiting many locations in Calderdale, we travel further afield to Forbidden Corner Leyburn, Headingley Treatment Works, Yorkshire Wildlife Park Doncaster to name a few. This also includes an extensive sports curriculum with our sports coach and a peripatetic sports coach.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning outside the classroom at Savile Park supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being. We cover many topics throughout the year including growing and plants, birdwatching and observing changes in nature over time. Children develop their gross motor skills through balancing, creating obstacle courses and large construction. There is a large scope for imaginative play outside by den building, sand and water play and dressing up.

Key Stage One

Outdoor learning takes place in a range of settings – from the school grounds to historic grounds, from local parks to national parks and museums. Each outdoor learning opportunity allows children the chance to explore new places and share experiences.

Key Stage Two

Learning in the outdoors can make significant contributions to the whole curriculum including health and wellbeing. There are opportunities to use charts, maps, timetables, instructions, measure angles, calculate bearings and journey times. In health and wellbeing there are opportunities to become physically active in alternative ways and to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health.

At Savile Park Primary School our year 6 children also have their residential trip to Robinwood. The residential visit allows for different outdoor learning experiences offering opportunities for personal and learning skills development in areas such as communication, problem solving, information technology, working with others and thinking skills.