Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan


Our Teacher is: Mrs S Fretwell

Classroom Assistant is: Mrs M Yaqub

Support Assistants are: Miss L Black and Mrs A Cairns

Year 5 is an exciting and challenging start to Upper Key Stage 2, where we strive to ensure that children are ready for Year 6. Personalised learning is the key stone for the work we undertake in Year 5.

We cover a wide variety of exciting topics in which we use the Year 5 curriculum to guide the children’s learning. Our aim is to provide the children with a rich and stimulating curriculum in which they can challenge themselves through promoting independent enquiry and enhance their cooperative learning.

Through the child’s learning journey in Year 5, we build on the already established skills to help them produce work of a high standard.

Throughout the year, children will be encouraged to develop their listening skills, work collaboratively and to always try their best in order to produce work they can be really proud of.

Homework: Homework is handed out every Wednesday and should be returned to school on Monday. PE: Wednesday and Friday 

Reading: Children should read three times a week. Books will be changed every Wednesday and Friday although children can borrow books from the classroom as well at any time. 

Autumn 2018

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Children’s Work

We used our topic to inspire our homework projects. 

Myths and Legends

Kestrels have been learning about the legacy of the Ancient Greeks.

Did you know, democracy, theatre, many of the words we use, some styles of building, some mathematical ideas and the Olympics all started in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago?