Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Year 4 Trips, Visitors and Events

At Savile Park Primary we enrich the curriculum for our children by offering a range of educational visits and other activities that add to and complement what they learn in school. There are also a number of people who visit the school to support our work. Some visits relate directly to areas of learning for individual classes, whilst others relate to all our children.

Summer Term 2018

Thai Chi

Tai chi, combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, tai chi is today practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise.

Spring Term 2018

Making Igloo’s

As artists and designers we have continued to work on our skills and creating Arctic landscapes. We also looked at sculpture and painting.

In Literacy, we have been looking at traditional tales. 

Our home learning project was to create anything we wanted that linked to the title ‘traditional tales’.

Autumn Term 2017

International Chef’s Day – as part of their design technology lesson the class enjoyed making a two course meal to take home. Every Look North came to interview the children!

As part of their RE work, the children from Kookaburras walked to Madni 1 Mosque and St Judes Church on Monday 16th October. The children compared differences and similarities between both buildings and religions within our community.

Madni Mosque – children have been looking at different faiths that make up our community.


St Judes Church – as part of looking at different faiths.