Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

What our children say about Savile Park

“We are good at playing together and being kind.”

“We are good at making friends.”

“We are good at sharing.”

“We are good at being kind to each other.”

“Sharing the computers.”

” Playing with new people in the playground that we haven’t played with before.”

“I need to get better at getting 4 squares on my chart.”

“Sharing the bikes.”

” You learn lots of things through fun and easy ways as trips or science fairs.”

“I like the fact that all the teachers are kind and are always there to help you.”

” I like the visits and events we do. They’re really fun and I like learning here. It’s very interesting what happens here.”

” I like how every day you learn new things and also how we have very exciting trips.”

” I like that you so fun things while learning and there are good teachers who help you and you get to learn with other children.”