Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Starting school at Savile Park Primary

When your child starts at Savile Park Primary School, our first priority is to ensure that they feel safe, secure and happy in their new surroundings. As school becomes more familiar and your child gains confidence, they will settle into their new environment and routines very quickly and begin to have fun learning.
It is vital that parents and staff work closely together to ensure that the transition into Foundation is successful; we are all involved in helping our children to become enthusiastic and effective learners.

Preparing To Start School In Reception
Most children entering our Reception Class will have been to a local nursery or playgroup. During their time there, they will have been preparing for the next stage of their education. We hope that all of the children coming into Reception will be able to do the following, mostly unaided

Dress and Undress:
do up buttons
use a handkerchief or tissue
use the lavatory, flushing it after use, and then washing hands
be able to ask for what they need, making themselves understood
eat with a knife and fork
drink with a straw
tidy up and look after things

When teaching your child these skills, try to be patient, give some help if it is needed and lots of praise and encouragement. Aim to make your child self-reliant and willing to try.

Once your child has started school, whatever year group they may have joined, please continue to help by:

arriving promptly for the start of school (Moorfield – 8.55am – 3.15pm Heath 8.45am – 3.05pm), preferably a few minutes earlier
showing enthusiastic interest in what has happened during their day
helping with their homework, encouraging them to complete a task
sharing their reading books regularly
naming clothes, including socks, gloves and especially school T-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers
providing milk, dinner and trip money at the right time
helping towards the teachers’ requests e.g. junk materials and tissues
volunteering your help with cooking, reading, library etc. in school time
rewarding with praise, interest and enthusiasm

We will keep you informed of your child’s learning through Curriculum Information Newsletters every half term. You will also be given opportunities to see their Learning Journals during the year at our regular half termly Events. These include examples of work and photographs that the children have produced. There are three parents evenings spread across the year, however, you can request a meeting with the class teacher at any convenient time or catch them for a chat at the end of the day. We always have time to listen. If we are concerned about your child’s behaviour or progress we will request a meeting with you.