Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Friends of Savile Park

What is the Friends of Savile Park (FoSP)?

The FoSP is the Friends of Savile Park, a charitable organisation which organises both social and fundraising events at Savile Park Primary School. Parents, staff and governors work together to purchase items that the school would otherwise be unable to provide.

Who is a member of the FoSP?

As the parents of a child at Savile Park Primary School, you are automatically members of the FoSP. We have a committee of willing volunteers including a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Our AGM is held in the autumn term and, like all FoSP meetings, it is open to all parents to attend. Every year, our constitution states that we should elect a new Chair so roles are often available.

What do we do as the FoSP?

Our main focus is to raise funds for the school to purchase equipment or facilities that it could otherwise not afford. Over the last few years we have funded new playground toys and play equipment for both sites, school trips, a new projector and screen for the Moorfield hall, alongside smaller projects such as contributing to special weeks in school, such as Science Week and the Artist in Residence. Our main fundraising events are the Christmas Fair and the Summer Family Fun Day. We also have other great events throughout the school year, such as themed discos for the children.

What are we currently working towards?

Our next big project is to raise money to develop both site libraries.

What can I do to get involved in the FoSP?

As little or as much time as you can offer is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for new committee members and you can join the FoSP at any point during the year, this involves attending as many meetings as you can and supporting our major fundraising and social events.

Our parent representatives help out on an ad-hoc basis and take on specific events or stalls. If you have a particular skill that could help then fantastic but, equally, if you can make tea, count money or move furniture then we would also be delighted to welcome you.

The FoSP recognises how much the families of our children give to the school, from helping in the classroom, baking cakes or donating something to the tombola. Without this help, our school would not be able to offer so much to meet the needs of our school community and we thank you for your support.

Winter Fair 2017

This year’s Winter Fayre was a huge success. A massive thank you to all those parents and staff who helped organise this fantastic event and thank you to all those who supported us on the day.
We raised a magnificent total of £933.36. We really do appreciate your generous support.


Summer Fair – 2017

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Winter Fair – 2016

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