Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Safeguarding at Savile Park

At Savile Park Safeguarding is our number one priority and everyone’s responsibility. The information below explains some of our key provision and systems. It is not intended to replace or substitute the reading of our Safeguarding Policy which can be found on the school website: For us, Safeguarding goes beyond what is statutory and is our highest priority. As a team we constantly reflect on our practice and look for any ways we can to improve.


We have four school DSL’s (Designated Safeguarding Leads). These are currently:

Jane Boylan Head Teacher (DSL) Jayne Edwards Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO (Deputy DSL)Hester Lomas Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO (Deputy DSL)Carolyn Cole Pastoral Lead (Deputy DSL)

Posters of our DSLs are found around school and on our notice boards.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

Whistleblowing Policy



In our school the DSL’s responsibilities include:

·         Respond to any safeguarding concerns.

·         Liaise with social care and other agencies.

·         Talk to parents about concerns raised where appropriate.

·         Update chronologies and school safeguarding records.

·         Lead on whole staff training and updates.

·         Meet regularly with the other DSL’s/Inclusion team to update them.

·         Meet with the safeguarding governor at least termly and report to Governors.

·         Attend Local Authority DSL networks.

·         Update school safeguarding policy.


Staff are regularly trained in safeguarding and it is part of our new staff induction. We find out about updates and training through the Local Authority DSL network and online services. Our DSLs attend training every two years and keep refreshed through the DSL network.  Recent training includes:

·         Jane Boylan DSL Training December 2016.

·         Jayne Edwards and Hester Conway DSL Training September 2016.

·         Whole School Safeguarding Basic training September 2018 (Including Lunchtime Supervisors and Extended Schools Staff).

·         Updated information all staff to read Keeping Children Safe in Education version September 2018.

·         Whole School PREVENT Training 2016 (Anti-Extremism).

·         DT Network (Designated Teacher for Looked After Pupils Training).

·         Safer Recruitment Training Jane Boylan November 2016 and Rob Laycock March 2017.

·         Supervision Training Jane Boylan February 2017.

·         Transition Champion training, September 2017, Carolyn Cole

·         Making the Links – The Safeguarding Vision for Calderdale, October 2017, Hester Conway.

·         Domestic Abuse Referral Criteria & Guidance Launch, October 2017, Jayne Edwards and Carolyn Cole.

·         Talking with the Under 5’s about Domestic Abuse, October 2017, Hester Conway.

·         Probation’s Role in Safeguarding Adults & Children, October 2017, Carolyn Cole.

·         Safeguarding Young Carers in Schools, October 2017, Carolyn Cole.

·         Sharing Good Practice Network, October 2017, Hester Conway.

·         Recognising Signs of Fabricated Induced Illness when working with Parents & their Children, October 2017,    Carolyn Cole.

·         Substance Misuse & Parenting, October 2017, Jayne Edwards.

·        Paediatric First Aid – 13 members of staff attended a First Aid course on 11th July 2017.

– 2 staff trained November 2017

·        Mental Health first aid May 2017 Hester Conway

·       Various  members of staff trained in Team Teach  January, March, October & December 2018

·        Mental Health and wellbeing  conference February 2018 Hester Conway

·        DSL refresher training  Caroyln Cole  September 2018

·        Virtual Schools conference October 2018 Jane Boylan

We keep staff up to date through staff meetings where safeguarding concerns relevant to whole school are discussed (we are always mindful not to overexpose children or families, and casework information is shared on a need to know basis). We also have a staff safeguarding notice board in the staffroom at both school sites.


Child Protection and Safeguarding referrals are made by staff and sometimes pupils, parents or visitors to the DSLs. Staff are trained in this process and it is part of new staff induction. We use the CPOMs (Child Protection Online Monitoring System) for staff to log concerns and make referrals. Refreshing this procedure done in September 2018 at whole staff safeguarding training.

Staff are trained to avoid asking leading questions and to support pupils by explaining what will happen, not showing disbelief and taking factual information from the child. The school DSLs may investigate further once a referral is made.

Posters around school give information about what to do if a  child makes a disclosure.


If a child makes a disclosure our practice is to inform parents and carers as long as this would not put a child in danger or we are advised not to speak to parents by social care. Likewise, we will usually inform parents if a referral to social care has been made.


If there is an allegation made against a member of staff then Jane Boylan will seek advice from the Calderdale LA Safeguarding Team on the appropriate action to take. We will inform parents and in some cases a staff member may be suspended or put on altered or supervised duties until an investigation is completed. Where criminal activity may have taken place the police will be contacted. All staff are made aware of the school whistleblowing policy which you can find on our school website under About Us, Policies and Guidance, Whistleblowing Policy.


We carry out criminal background checks on all staff and visitors who work in school. This information is managed and kept by Rob Laycock. Staff are also asked to disclose any activity that may make them by association ineligible to work with children. Staff are trained to understand that they are all responsible for safeguarding and must immediately report any practice they are concerned about. We ask staff to also take precautions such as avoiding being left in a room on their own with a pupil and not using personal mobile phones in school to video or take pictures of pupils. These are outlined in our Staff Code of Conduct, Internet Use and Safeguarding policies.


We constantly reflect and review our school procedures. Most recently we have:

·         Had digi-locks installed on the two internal doors (in the entrance) at the Moorfield Site. (March 2017)

·         Ensured that all visitors report to the back gate at the Heath Site and then met at the ramp door by a member of the office staff.

·         Changed the locks on the classroom doors (Heath Site) so they no can no longer be opened from the outside

·         Ensured that all staff and visitors wear a lanyard so the pupils know who members of school staff are, and staff can politely challenge anyone without a lanyard in school. (November 2016)

·         Updated and enhanced some of our record keeping and systems


We ask all parents to help with safeguarding too. If you have a concern about a child, member of staff or the safety in the environment then please contact us immediately and ask to speak to one of our school DSLs. If you have a child protection concern and you feel a child is at risk but cannot reach us or it is out of school hours, then you can also refer to MAST (Multi Agency Screening Team) direct on 01422 393336. If it is out of hours and you believe a child is in immediate danger you should contact the police.


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What our children are covering in E-safety lessons

Acceptable Use Policy
eSafety Parent Powerpoint
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Tips for Parents

Safety Online Leaflet

Pokemon Go guild for parents

What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused

The links below will take you to websites offering you advice on keeping your child safe online:

Barnado’s have set up an online support hub for families to help in these extraordinary times. It’s a space they have created “to be a central place for parents, carers and children to explore, where you can find information, resources and tools – from practical advice on how to talk to your children about the pandemic to tips on managing anxiety and much more”. There’s a wealth of information on there, so if there’s anything you’re struggling with, or want to know more about, it’s a really good place to start.


Raising awareness of sexual abuse of children (NSPCC)

Parents’ Pack for PANTS message
The TV advert directs parents to the PANTS campaign, used in schools for many years. There is now a pack for parents to use, to encourage them to have a conversation that many might feel uncomfortable about having. Information is also available in Welsh and for children with a hearing impairment. The link to the parents’ PANTS pack is here:

Pantosaurus App for iOS and Android
The NSPCC have also teamed up with award-winning animators, Aardman to create a free app, for both android and iOS, featuring the Panatsorus characters. There are four mini games where players test their skills against Pantosaurus. The app is great fun to use, although I’m rubbish at mobile games and struggled with the basketball game! Get the app by going to the relevant App Store below:

Find on Google Play:

Find on the Apple App Store:

Calderdale’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Website –

This website is for help and advice for young people and those who support them.