Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Purple Mash

Every child at Savile Park Primary School has their own user area! Ask your child or contact for more details.

Purple Mash is an award-winning website designed by 2simple which engages children in learning from a very young age and to enhance their knowledge and skill sets. The website hosts an impressive selection of tools and interactive exercises that children can use right across the curriculum to make writing, drawing, researching and creating fun! The website is aimed at children at Primary school.


Take a look at tools for children at primary to use in and out of class with Purple Mash.


For the younger children, there are themed painting activities to get the creative juices flowing without the need for messy paint-strewn fingers. There are hundreds of creative tools, games, activities and apps, from basic coding resources to maths and story writing apps. Including writing templates – these are open templates and curriculum-focused templates providing really fun writing activities to spark off story-writing, poetry writing and the creative thinking which accompanies writing. The writing templates engage students with their subjects and can aid the learning of content, social responsibility and of course will help improve and develop writing skills.


You can very easily choose exercises according to different subjects across the curriculum or according to dozens of themes which range from animals, sustainability and World War I history, to Shrove Tuesday and letter writing. You are sure to find a subject theme!


1. Choose your theme

Once you click your chosen theme or subject, you’ll see that there are several categories which you can select and use as an exercise.

2. Pick a category

To illustrate, once having clicked on ‘Authors’ you are provided with a selection of authors to choose between. Let’s click on Roald Dahl. I always loved his fantastically warped and slightly macabre children’s books, particularly George’s Marvellous Medicine.


3. Choose your exercise

There are more than 10 fun exercises you can choose between to stimulate childrens’ imagination and writing skills such as writing your own recipe for George’s medicine, to designing and describing three new Wonka creations!

Works from home

Purple Mash is of course online and accessible from anywhere with a PC and internet.

Flip the tables with Purple Mash

The common impression we have of childrens’ relationship towards homework is probably that they would rather be playing games with friends and unwinding after a busy day at school. However, Purple Mash has flipped this stereotype and, “makes homework fun!”