Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Poetry Reading Final

Poetry Reading Final – Monday 26th March

All children took part in the annual Savile Park Poetry Competition at Moorfield Street. The children in all classes from Reception to Year Six wrote and learned a range of poems to perform. After some very difficult competitions in class the finalists were chosen!  The final competition saw one finalist from each class perform. Three judges chose a winner from Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The two finalists from our Reception classes automatically qualified for a prize. After some hilarious performances and a lot of support from children, staff and parents the winners chose a book as a prize! The competition showed that our children are talented writers and performers! 

Reception winners: Chayton Issitt from Wrens and Inaaya Mahmood from Robins

Key Stage One winner: Dawoud Hussnan from Puffins

Key Stage Two winner: Eleeza Ibrar from Parrots