Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan


     ‘Nurturing a love for learning, life and one another.’

At Savile Park Primary School we celebrate all children who are part of our school family. We aim to encourage their gifts, abilities and experiences so that they achieve their full potential. We wish each individual to grow in confidence, knowledge and awareness in a happy, caring and stimulating atmosphere where they will enjoy learning and feel secure and involved. We endeavour to promote a love for learning, a love for life and a love for one another.

A love for learning

We wish to inspire the children’s minds in a high quality learning environment. Pupils will be encouraged to express themselves, ask questions and use their imagination. Learning will be based on first hand experience as much as possible and the classroom will extend to the local community and beyond. We will equip our children with the skills and attitudes to cope with a rapidly changing society. The value of life-long learning will be upheld and emphasised.

A love for life

We believe life is precious and to be cherished and that each individual has something unique to offer. We aim to help children understand the potential power of their own life. They will be encouraged to maintain physical and mental well being so that they can achieve this potential. We also want them to appreciate the richness and diversity of the world, developing a caring attitude so that they protect the environment in which we live. Pupils will be encouraged to delight in their own and other peoples’ gifts and talents. Activities that develop spiritual awareness will be regularly provided.

A love for one another

We aim to maintain a school where everyone is respectful and considerate to one another regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or ability. Friendly and caring attitudes and action to people in our families, school, local community and the world beyond will constantly be encouraged. Courtesy and good behaviour through self discipline will be expected and positively reinforced.