Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Year 6 Trips, Visitors and Events

At Savile Park Primary we enrich the curriculum for our children by offering a range of educational visits and other activities that add to and complement what they learn in school. There are also a number of people who visit the school to support our work. Some visits relate directly to areas of learning for individual classes, whilst others relate to all our children.

Summer 2018

Robinwood Residential

Autumn 2017

Prevent Workshop – this was a workshop to help them understand that things are not always as they seem in the world.


Positive Kidz Workshop – Mr Cole worked  with the class to help them think positively about the people around us and not give in to peer pressure.


River Study Trip to Marsden – the children participated in field study activities, including mapping and river flow rate and depth tests, so they can now identify and recognise physical features of a river at various stages on its journey.


Headingley Treatment Works – as part of their topic the children have studied how man has managed the use of water globally and the impact that it has had on the environment. they also saw how water is cleaned and took part in a workshop on water use in developing countries.