Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Puffins and Pelicans

Our Teachers are: Mr D Cole, Mr M Costello and Mrs L Collins
Classroom Assistants are: Mrs J Patchett and Mrs G Fellows
Support Assistants are:  Mrs R Jamil and Mrs T Rawson


In Year 2, our lessons incorporate a combination of whole class teaching, small group work. Within our classrooms there are 6 areas of learning; these include Role Play, Writing, Reading, Creative, Construction and Numeracy. In each area there are activities for the children to complete, to consolidate prior learning. These become more structured as the year progresses.

2The rationale behind this approach is to empower children to develop the skills they need to become independent life long learners. At Savile Park we have set out continuous areas of learning to ensure that children are given opportunities to develop their skills and also consolidate learning objectives independently.

102_1551The Learning Environment makes an active contribution to children’s independent learning. Interactive displays, high frequency words, technical and ambitious vocabulary, text features, book corners and easily accessible resources all contribute towards pupil progress.


Each classroom has a topic display board. This shows the learning journey a class is taking, including pictures and examples of work. The display should include; what the children’s perceptions and understanding were at the beginning of the topic, what key questions the children wanted to find out and the tasks they were involved in to answer these questions.

Homework: Books are sent out on Fridays.
PE: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Reading: At least three times each week
Spellings: My Maths is put up every other Fridays.