Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan



We recognise that language is a key building block in child development and we aim to equip each and every pupil with the literacy skills they need. This will allow them to enjoy reading for knowledge, as well as pleasure and enjoyment, and to write with a sense of purpose and audience. We also encourage our children to express themselves effectively and to listen and learn from each other.


Mathematics is taught in a daily lesson. Aspects of numeracy such as number and algebra, shape and space and measures, handling data and applying maths are covered each term.
Wherever possible mathematics is taught as a practical and “hands-on” experience where real-life problem solving, puzzles, and more complex strategies are taught side-by-side.


We teach science in very hands-on way, allowing the children to explore the wonders of the world around them through investigation. We foster open minded thinking and encourage the children to make links in their knowledge and understanding, we do this by the use of mind maps and concept maps at the beginning and end of each topic where children can express their knowledge and understanding in words and/or pictures.


Geography is planned and taught as part of our creative, cross curricular approach to learning. During their work in geography, children develop, use and apply the National Curriculum key skills across a range of contexts.


History is planned and taught as part of our creative, cross curricular approach to learning. During their work in history, children develop, use and apply the national curriculum key skills across a range of contexts.


By the time the children leave Savile Park, they will have become highly motivated and engaged learners. They will be independent and resourceful in their learning, with twenty first century skills to learn lifelong.


Art is an integral part of our curriculum and underpins much of our cross curriculum.
The children are taught a wide range of skills and techniques with a variety of media.

Modern Foreign Languages

French is taught in Years 3-6 and builds upon reading, spoken and written skills each year.


Music has an important part to play in giving children opportunities to express themselves and develop new skills, this is why the school employs a peripatetic music coach.

Design Technology

DT allows us to use our creative and scientific mind to produce pieces of art that have a purpose. We learn through experimenting, designing, drawing and testing to make fantastic working end products.

Religious Education

We are proud of the diversity that makes up Savile Park. Our school reflects the multi-cultural community of Halifax.

Physical Education

We aim to give our children a varied programme of athletics, dance, netball, cricket, football and tag rugby. We have employed a peripatetic coach who teach the children specific skills.


A strong emphasis is placed in developing children’s personal and social skills and promoting safety.