Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Science Fair

A range of exciting activities took place during Science Week.  We had a visit from Molly Midgley (a scientist), Key Stage 2 classes took part in the Science Fair, Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children enjoyed practical experiments with Mrs Marshall and all classes had an afternoon of trying out a range of science activities across the school from testing nappies to making a strange substance that acts like both a liquid and a solid!

Science Fair

On Tuesday 13th March we will be holding a science fair as part of Science Week. Each child is being asked to prepare a science project for homework and bring it to school on Tuesday 13th March. Children will be given a stall in the hall to show other children what they have done and to explain their project. An actual visiting scientist will be judging the projects and a winner will be chosen from each year group.

The project could be a scientific experiment that the children have done and made a poster about; it could be something they have made or it could be some research on a scientific topic of their choice. It will need to be big enough to show to children who visit the stall and children need to be ready to explain their project to others.

Please don’t go to any expense: if you need it, class teachers or Miss Fretwell can give you cardboard or paper. Many experiments can be done with household goods and recyclable items.

There are some websites below to give you some ideas (a copy of the letter can be found on the school website under the Notices and Letters section so you can click on the hyperlinks):

Thank you,

Miss Fretwell