Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Parents Guide to our Behaviour Code

All children begin every new day on a smiley face which is displayed in the classroom. If they misbehave they move through the sanctions in a set order, which is displayed on each classroom wall, in a series of eight sad faces. The behaviour steps apply to every class throughout school.

StepConsequenceExamples of misbehaviour
WarningA warning of further consequences should behaviour continue.(Three warnings=placed on step One)Minor irritations such as interrupting, wandering and talking.

Step One

Consequence – As above with faster acceleration through the steps.
Examples of misbehaviour – Deliberate disturbance, not responding to a teacher, cheeky responses, silly name calling, mild swearing, dawdling, accidental damage through carelessness, general refusal to co-operate.

Step Two

Consequence – Moved to somewhere else in the room.
Examples of misbehaviour – Continued misbehaviour as above.

Step Three

Consequence – Two minutes loss of play to talk to the teacher about behaviour.
Examples of misbehaviour – Continued misbehaviour as above.

Step Four

Consequence – Loss of playtime. Go instead to the reflection area to think about behaviour.
Examples of misbehaviour – Not being prepared for learning by being late for school, no homework, no reading book bag, no PE kit or swimming kit, no netbook, not having read three times a week to an adult and signed in reading record book.

Step Five

Consequence – Loss of two playtimes (for reflection) and two minutes of Golden Time.
Examples of misbehaviour – Continued misbehaviour as above.

Step Six

Consequence – Loss of two playtimes, five minutes Golden Time and a letter home to parents.
Examples of misbehaviour – Causing deliberate harm to a person or property, throwing objects intending to break them, leaving the class without permission, serious challenges to authority, offensive name calling, serious repeated swearing, one off bullying incidents.

Step Seven

Consequence – Sent to Mr Kitchin (deputy head), a letter to parents, and loss of 10 minutes Golden Time. Loss of two playtimes.
Examples of misbehaviour – Fighting and intentional harm to others, repeatedly leaving the classroom without permission, throwing large and dangerous objects, serious challenges to authority, leaving school grounds without permission, verbal abuse to any staff, vandalism, cheating, repeatedly bullying or manipulative behaviour.

Step Eight

Consequence – Sent to Mrs. Boylan (headteacher), a letter home and the loss of all of Golden Time. Loss of playtimes at Headteacher’s discretion. Mrs. Boyland has the power to exclude children if necessary.
Examples of misbehaviour – Racial remarks, excessive violence, very serious challenges to authority, stealing, persistent bullying, physical abuse to staff.