Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan

Parking Letter to Parents

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Dear Parents/Carers

RE: Parking Outside School
Further to recent polite requests in the newsletters and via text messages, I have again been
contacted by residents and parents surrounding both school sites about inconsiderate parking and
dangerous driving. This has taken the form of blocking driveways, parking in inappropriate places
and parking on the yellow zig-zag lines outside school. Today a driver mounted the pavement and
continued to drive, narrowly missing three children who were walking on the pavement. Driving in
this manner and parking in these places puts all our children at great risk.

Earlier this week I was also made aware of adults arguing and swearing about parking on the
pavements immediately outside school. Some local residents have contacted school saying they
have been verbally abused by adults dropping and collecting children from Savile Park. School has
contacted our local PSCO to make them aware of the issues regarding parking outside both the
Moorfield and Heath sites.

I know that many of you will read this and be shocked and disheartened, as you always park
appropriately and with consideration for others. If you witness any actions outside school that
concern you please can I ask that you report it to the police using the 101 number.
Thank you for your support and co-operation.
Yours sincerely

Jane P Boylan

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