Savile Park Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs J Boylan


History is planned and taught as part of our creative, cross curricular approach to learning. During their work in history, children develop, use and apply the national curriculum key skills across a range of contexts.



During their time at Savile Park, they will have the opportunity to learn about people, places and key events at different times in the past, from The Ancient Egyptians to The Victorians and what life was like for children during World War Two.


Educational visits form a vital part of engaging children in History and examples of visits and workshops include Bolling Hall Museum, history of toys at The Industrial Museum in Bradford and TollHall Museum, unpacking evacuee suitcases at The Imperial War Museum, a day in role at a Victorian school and special visitors coming in to share personal histories of the local area or events such as a Roman Day.100_5866